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A recent study by Harvard Medical School found that most people are sleeping less than six hours a night. Chronic sleep problems not only make us less attentive and focused, but they can also lead to health problems such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and a decrease in the immune system’s power. Our products are all designed to improve sleep and, ultimately, improve quality of life.

Our teams dedication, talent, and commitment to quality have grown from humble beginnings in a small Idaho town to an international corporation with a worldwide presence. Despite our rapid growth, we’ve never forgotten our roots, and the core values that have led to that success. The result is a product of superior quality, comfort and support that delivers a better night's sleep to enhance your life!

Our products continue to help properly align the body for a better night's rest and comfort during the day for improved, total well being.

The textiles and materials we use are from some of the most sustainable plant sources available. We believe in our products and our customers satisfaction!

Bamboo Traditions Was Built Around a Simple Principle:

If You Sleep Well, You Live Well.